Get Involved: Tyler Fredrickson & Nina Poersch

27 Jul


More interviews happening this week as we chat with two Worlds Apart contestants in Tyler Fredrickson and Nina Poersch!

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A Closer Look At Amber’s Win

27 Jul


Winning Survivor is no mean feat and is not accomplished purely by luck; it takes some strategy, some social graces, and a certain level of physical ability can be necessary. These three components must be, in some fashion present in a contestant in order to succeed at the game. Fans debate over which winners played the stronger game based on these three key elements, but it can be quite tricky to have an absolute ranking; some fans place greater emphasis on the strategic side, where as some look at the social maneuvering of the player in question. One winner that is often regarded as one of the worst is Amber Brkich, she is seen as a coattail rider who never really branched out to formulate her own gameplay and latched on to Boston Rob, literally and figuratively. In today’s feature article American Ozlet Anthony Rossi takes a closer look at Amber’s game in All-Stars and whether or not she is an underrated winner.

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Survivor Oz Top 10 -Top 10 Reasons to Appreciate Modern Survivor

22 Jul


From a certain section of the Survivor fan community, modern seasons get a bad rap. In many cases, this is deserved and in fact I covered the issue in the article Top ten things about Old School Survivor that should return. However, a lot of what newer seasons are doing is actually really good and like any good Survivor player, the show has to change and adapt if it wants to endure. So sometimes we should stop our griping and actually celebrate the good things about modern Survivor. Here are ten of the best. Continue reading

Surviving Twenty-Two – A Diary of the Good in Redemption Island

20 Jul


Widely regarded as the worst Survivor season of all time, Redemption Island is frequently talked about as a season that lacks any redeeming qualities whatsoever but is that statement too harsh? In today’s feature article Noah Groves puts each episode of season twenty-two under the microscope as he attempts to pull out the positives from each one. Read on to find out what hidden gems Survivor Redemption Island possesses!

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Dan Foley Interview

15 Jul


There really is no other Survivor contestant like Dan Foley. Larger than life and extremely outspoken, he couldn’t have put it any better than he did in the first episode by saying that people would remember him. And in the longest interview in the history of Survivor Oz, nothing is out of bounds for Dan as he dishes the dirt on everything from THAT moment at the reunion with Jeff Probst right through to Shirin, Will, Mike and even us.

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Carolyn Rivera Interview

15 Jul


Carolyn Rivera left the 30th season of Worlds Apart as one of the stars of the season and our interview with her goes to show why. A strong strategic, social and physical player she managed to find herself right at the end where she wasn’t able to get more than one vote towards winning the game. Added to this the disappointment of narrowly returning for Cambodia and it’s safe to say Carolyn has plenty of reason to not be happy during her time on Survivor. But as she sits down and talks with us, she has plenty to discuss and remember as one of the best times of her life.

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The Amazing Race Oz-Canada Season 3 Episode 1 Recap Episode

15 Jul


The Amazing Race Oz returns to recap the first episode of season 3 of The Amazing Race Canada! Canadian host Colin Hilding is joined by the Ozlets (Arzlets?) to recap everything that happened within the latest episode. Discussing roadblocks, detours, highs and lows as well as bringing the usual love for resident Canadian host Jon Montgomery. They also discuss the pre season predictions and look forward at what is to come next episode.

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